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Top 5 tips on contracting staff

Those who operate in the world of contract employment will be well aware that 2014 has been a very successful year for agency workers indeed. And the trend looks set to continue into 2015 too.

Indeed, the latest figures from the REC confirm that the number of people employed in a temporary capacity is at the highest level since 1997, with 8 in 10 employers (79%) using agency workers to provide short-term access to strategic skills.

So, as more companies opt to take on contractors, could this be a strategic step that your business needs to take? If you intend on adding to your workforce in 2015 take a look at:

Top five tips for taking on contract staff

  1. Know what you want

    It might sound straight forward, but what do you want out of a contractor? There’s no point in taking one on until you know exactly what your workforce is lacking – do you need a sales manager or an IT specialist? Too many employers take on additional staff just to add to the team; this route will not only increase your outgoings, but leave the employee in limbo as well.

  2. Manage Expectation

    Make sure you communicate clearly with your new hire what is expected of them. Implement goals and make sure that they know what you want them to achieve. The sooner they know exactly what you want them to do, the sooner you will see a return from your investment in them.

  3. One size doesn’t fit all

    1 in 3 people (36 percent) in the UK has worked as a contractor, freelancer or agency worker at some point in their career and 41 per cent are considering working that way in the future, meaning that there is a sizeable pool of readily available talent from which to choose. Ask yourself does this person have the right skills and experience to succeed in the role that I’m offering, but also do their personal qualities fit in with your current workforce and the organisation’s culture?

  4. Don’t treat like them like an outsider

    Don’t fall into the mentality ‘they’ll be gone soon’. Welcome your temporary worker into the team like you would a permanent employee. If you are offering training for your team, include them! You never know, your temporary employee could be so influential that you end up presenting them with a permanent contract.

  5. Use the services of a good umbrella company

    With so many companies available, it can be daunting when choosing which one to work with. Be vigilant when choosing an umbrella company, do your research and make sure you are using a reputable, nationally based company before you trust them. Changes to UK employment law are frequent and specialist; you will require a company with genuine expertise to ensure that you are complying with employment legislation.

Within the next three months alone, 43 per cent of businesses plan to increase their temporary staff intake. If you plan on joining them, you can rest assured that One Click Umbrella has your best interests at heart. Working with One Click Umbrella will guarantee that your contract workers are provided for and ultimately, your time and efforts will be saved; allowing you to focus on what’s really important for your organisation.


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