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Self-Assessment Tax Return – It’s all about deadlines

Summer is nearly over, it’s now September and before we know it we will be looking forward to the Festive Season. But hang on, before we wish the year away, we need to remember a few things:

31st October 2016

Most people now complete an online Self-Assessment tax return and don’t need to worry about doing anything in October (unless they are super organised). There are some though, who still complete a paper tax return they need to submit this by 31st October of this year.

If they miss this deadline, HMRC will not guarantee to calculate the tax due on their 2015/2016 income in time for the date of 31st January 2017.

If you don’t meet the deadline then you will be charged a penalty for late payment so it pays to be organised.

31st January 2017

If you complete the on line Self-Assessment return the you need to do this by 31st January 2017 and pay the tax due on your 2015/2016 income at the same time.

This may seem like a long time away but don’t forget how time flies!

How can One Click Help

If you want to get further info on the tax return, you can read this article. If you need some help or want to talk with one of our advisors, you can always get in touch with OCG today.

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