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Reasons to love and hire contractors

With the recent recession finally becoming little more than a distant memory and contractor recruitment at a 6 year high, contract-desk recruiters are understandably licking their lips over the opportunities available both now and those that lie ahead over the next 12 months.

But in their haste to boost their contact books and drive the businesses forward, there is one critical factor which threatens to take the wind out of their sails – time.

Time is a precious commodity and in today’s increasingly competitive recruitment environment, it is a commodity that few recruiters have much of. But when you break down your typical working day, just how much of your time is actually being monetised?

To drive your business forward takes more than just bolstering your contact book and making sales – there’s the admin side of things to be considered too, and that can consume a considerable amount of your working day. Yet we all have the same 24 hours in a day as the likes of Messrs Branson and Gates et al. So how can you take advantage of today’s positive trading conditions and make your growth plans a reality sooner rather than later?

Sometimes it’s as simple as outsourcing certain administrative functions. For instance, once you factor the time it takes to book and attend meetings, produce sales reports and forecasts, undertake staff development, invoice clients, handle contractor queries and all manner of other routine yet business-critical tasks, there is little time left to focus on what you really want to be doing. This is where we at One Click make our mark.

Our role is to make your life easier and free up the time you need to focus on building your contractor base, winning new business and helping to bring your organisation’s goals one step closer to becoming a reality. And the way in which we do this is simple: We manage your time-consuming administrative processes like those mentioned above (and then some) and handle all of your contractors’ queries for you, whilst ensuring that your business continues to remain fully compliant.

The recruitment industry is currently on a high. Not only has the sector outperformed all projections over the last six months, billings are increasing apace and the number of people entering the sector is at its highest levels in 6 years.

Those recruiters who partner with the right solutions providers, whom they can trust to oversee some of their organisation’s most critical functions, will be the ones who will be the eventual winners in the escalating war for talent over the next few years.

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