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Non-standard work arrangements: law changes & labour market

It’s been a while but we could now be seeing some good news for contractors. A new piece of terminology emerged over the last couple of weeks, relating to the changing way that people in the UK work: “Non standard work arrangements”.

The growth of new working practices

“Non standard work arrangements” is a new piece of terminology which emerged over the last couple of weeks, relating to the changing way that people in the UK work. These four words appeared in an article in the Guardian, penned by Matthew Taylor, the ex-Blair policy chief who has been appointed by prime minister, Theresa May to head up a far reaching review of working practices

What Jobs fall inside the non-standard forms of employment

More and more workers are now providing labour and services under “non standard arrangements” such as self-employment, temporary work, zero hours contracts, job shares and freelancing. This is a reflection of the economy as a whole and there is no longer such as thing as a job for life.

It’s no longer seen as unusual for someone to be their own boss, to not have a normal 9 to 5 working day or to call themselves a contractor and there are no signs of trend away from conventional working slowing down.

The way we work is changing but is the Government only worried about taxation?

There have been many changes in legislation and attacks on the “non standard worker” over recent months and years. We’ve seen changes to the treatment of travel and subsistence expenses, union attacks on umbrella companies and countless changes to legislation which all seem to make it less and less attractive to be a “non standard” worker.

These changes and attacks have no doubt been motivated by the right reasons – to provide protection for workers and to allow the Treasury to protect its income but the general consensus has been that pretty much every change has been to their detriment, especially for contractors.

A chance for Government to support the growing flexible workforce

So it’s welcome news that there is to be a far reaching review of the way people work. We can only hope that the right stakeholders are consulted as part of the review so that the flexible workforce that we are rightly proud of can have its voice heard.

You can rest assured that the One Click Group will be speaking up for our workers.

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