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How to stay ahead of the competition

(to make your rivals jealous)

Regardless of whether you are a recruitment consultant at the start of your career or a seasoned recruitment business owner, your focus will always be on how best you can maximise sales, profits and efficiencies. And that means developing your skills and ensuring that you are continually up to date with the latest trends in recruitment.

There has been a concerted effort to raise standards within the recruitment industry in recent years. The IOR, for example, has introduced a series of professional qualifications which aim to professionalise the industry. However, when it comes to training, the industry has been guilty of being over reliant on utilising training providers who are more generic, rather than specialist, in nature.

In other words, they deliver training that can be applied to a range of different industry sectors, rather than being specific to recruitment. As we all know, recruitment is an industry that is unique unto itself, which is why it is important to work with a training provider that understands the nuances and challenges that consultants and recruitment business owners face each day.

That’s why One Click Umbrella has introduced its new agency training division.

We have teamed up with a select number of recognised recruitment industry bodies to deliver FREE training solutions that not only extol best practice, but are real-world practical and address some of the more critical needs of recruiters.

For instance, we offer training covering a multitude of subjects, ranging from employment legislation and compliance to best practice sales techniques and recruitment marketing (for a full list of subject areas go to our Agency Training page).

Each training course is designed to support the continued professional development of recruiters – arming them with the practical tools and knowledge they need to excel in their current roles, whilst boosting their overall skill set, which could make the difference between gaining that next promotion or not.

At an organisational level, evidence has shown that those companies who invest in training and developing their staff yield higher net sales per consultant, higher gross profits per employee, and a higher ratio in market-to-book values.

We are committed to playing our part in raising standards within the recruitment industry, and by providing all of our courses free of charge, we can help more and more recruiters move a step closer towards gaining that all-important competitive edge.


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