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Hiring contract staff vs hiring permanent staff

For many businesses utilising staff on a temporary basis might not be part of the long-term plan, however at times it might prove to be the best option available. The following points detail how taking on a contractor might be right for you.

Finding the Right Candidate

When a gap in the workforce becomes apparent the action to fill it should be adhered to as soon as possible. However finding the right candidate can often be a long thoughtful process and you should never rush into employment just for a quick fix. If timing is a factor within your employment strategy, it might be time to consider taking on contract staff.

By the time you have accounted for the time sifting through endless applications and building a reputable shortlist you will have already lost several working days. And that’s even before the interview process begins. If there’s already a gap in the workforce it’s unlikely that you can afford to infringe your own billing time as well. Taking on a contract member will allow you to take time over your decisions and ensure that you eventually bring the best applicant into the working environment.

Employee Absences

Unfortunately it’s inevitable that at certain times of the year you will be an employee down. Whether it’s due to sickness, maternity or annual leave, sometimes it’s just a question of time before your employee returns to the workforce. Generally speaking it’s in these situations where employers find themselves actively looking for people to fill the gaps.

Probation Period

There’s a lot to be said about the ability of contract workers and occasionally without spending too much time agonising over applications, you might find that the perfect employee comes your way in the form of an interim employee. However in this situation you are under no obligation to keep working with a contractor should you find somebody else more suited to the role. A temporary employment arrangement can be used as a probation period without the necessity of that awkward conversation, should the time to move on arise.


In the case of many organisations there are optimum seasons of profitability and within these timeframes you might find that an extra pair of hands goes a long way. Be it the Christmas or the summer peak season, using a contractor might be the solution to ensuring that neither you nor your regular employees become overworked.


Especially if you are looking to save time, diving into the world of HMRC regulation, income tax and VAT is something that most are eager to avoid. By taking on a contractor through One Click Umbrella you can rest assured that the VAT, income tax, NI contributions and payroll of the employee are effectively managed by a separate entity.

There are many advantages to taking on contract workers, the above just name a few. If you need more information on how contracting can work for your organisation, we’re always on hand to help.



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