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Office Hours: 9am to 5.30pm
0345 557 1287
Office Hours: 9am to 5.30pm

Limited company accountancy services

Our accountancy service is all inclusive and does not have any hidden charges.

For £80 + VAT per month, we will give you all the support you need to run your limited company, provide you with access to a comprehensive book keeping system, help you with monthly and quarterly returns and give you professional advice on how best to take your income from your business.

Why a limited company is the best business structure for you

If you are new to contracting and are expecting to earn over £36,000 per year, and provided you are planning on contracting long term and are happy that IR35 does not apply to you, then working via a limited company from the start could be the right decision.

Making sure you have a specialist accountant to guide you at every step of the way is important and that’s where One Click Accountant will be able to help.

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Our accountancy & support services

One Click Accountant is a specialist contractor accountant. We have designed a range of specific services to assist our contractors and freelancers; whether you are a first-time contractor, want to move away from using an umbrella company or to switch advisors.

Simply fill out your details using our online forms to start enjoying the benefits of limited company accountancy with us.

  • Monthly Service

    Monthly Service

    Our clear-cut, comprehensive monthly service is designed to cover all of your needs with unlimited advice and support so you can navigate your accounts with ease. Make your online application quickly and easily.

  • Setting up a Limited Company

    Setting up a Limited Company

    Our online process for setting up a new company is clear and uncomplicated. Our package has everything you need including all Statutory Documentation and the incorporation process takes just a few hours.
  • Additional Services

    Additional Services

    Here at One Click Group we offer a variety of additional services from contractor advice to dormant business advice. Whether you're switching accountant or moving back to Umbrella we have you covered.
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  • Essentials


    We also offer further support services. Just fill out our online form and get a quote from our partner at Qdos; A contractor that specialises in providing support services for contractors and freelancers.

  • One Click Umbrella

    One Click Umbrella

    Our company One Click Umbrella is a UK based umbrella company that provides a range of services including a totally automated online umbrella solution to freelancers, contractors, agencies, and recruiters. 
  • Fees For Service

    Fees For Service

    Find out about our fees for a fully supported bespoke incorporation and our monthly on-line service with unlimited advice and support. Additional services are also available and charged at an hourly rate. 

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If you wish to discuss your individual requirements and to find out whether being a limited company contractor is right for you, we’d love to hear from you.

Accountant Service Our Best Competitor One Click Accountant
Dedicated account management YES YES
Unlimited support YES YES
VAT Registration and filing YES YES
Year end accounts YES YES
Corporation tax return filing YES YES
Real time software YES YES
Payroll for director YES YES
Additional payroll £9.50 per month Up to 3 employees
Annual return filing £13 per amnum YES
Self assessment return for director £75 YES
Accountancy review £74 YES
Bookkeeping £22 per hour YES
Monthly fee £65 £80
Typical annual cost £1176 plus VAT £960 plus VAT

The best solution for you

If you know what solution is perfect for you, or you think you need to cover extra requirements or want to figure out whether being a limited company contractor is right for you, do not hesitate to submit one of our forms or contact us.

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