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Changing Accountant

Why change accountant

There are a few reasons why you may feel it is the right time to change your accountant. It may be that you are not getting the service you feel you are paying for from your current accountant or they may not really understand how you operate as a contractor or freelancer. It might be that you are looking to fix your accountancy fees rather than paying separately for the various services you need.

One Click Group are specialists in working with contractors and freelancers and we find that many of our clients have come to us having previously used a “high street” accountant to look after their business. We don’t provide accountancy for anyone, only for people who want to operate a Personal Service Company and we understand the needs of this kind of client.

How to change

In the majority of cases, it is easy to switch and most of the administration of the changeover will be done between your “old” accountant and One Click. You shouldn’t need to be involved a great deal, however it is worth bearing a few things in mind to assist in making the change as smooth as possible.


The obvious time to switch would be at your company year end, however it may not be practical for you to wait until then. Ideally though, it would be best to initiate the change at a time where there is not a great deal going in in your business – when all documents and returns are up to date and all fees are paid.

Check your current agreement

It is worth looking over your current agreement to make sure that you have fulfilled any conditions imposed by your accountant. This is especially important if you are moving due to receiving poor service or if you have been involved in a dispute.

How the switch works

The changeover should be a simple process. One Click Group will write to your current provider and advise them of the switch. They will request “professional clearance” in the first instance, which is in effect checking that there is no reason why they should not take you on as a client, and ask for all relevant paperwork to be passed over.

Your old accountant should provide the relevant information within a reasonable period. There may be a fee due (which will be quoted in your existing agreement) and once that fee is paid, all the documentation required for One Click to take over should be provided.

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