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5 Valentine’s Day ideas to make your contract staff love their job

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to consider how to show your greatest asset, your team, just how much you care. We all know that contract staff who feel valued and appreciated are happier in their roles and that happy staff equal better performance. After all, staff who love working for you are far more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty for your company.

So, how do you show your contract staff that you care? How do you engage them and ultimately ensure that they love their job? Well, look no further! Here are 5 tips to take those seasonal feelings of love and appreciation out of the air, and into the office.

  1. Make them feel special

    You need to make sure your contract staff are treated the same way as permanent members, with access to the same things such as training, team building exercises and strong communication. Staff will then be more inclined to perform to the best of their ability, feeling like part of a united team, rather than temporary, disposable and undervalued additions to the company. Loyalty and first impressions are all the more important when employing temporary workers and this is the best and easiest way to ensure news of your amazing work environment spreads fast.

  2. Tell them why you love them

    So your workers have done a good job? Tell them! It’s important that workers are made to feel valued and fully integrated within the business, regardless of the length of their contract. Recognition can act as a great motivator for contract staff, so make a special effort to individually acknowledge a worker’s particular accomplishments. Make them aware that they add something to the company and reward them for their achievements, such as with a box of chocolates. You can’t disappoint with chocolate! Small gestures can go a long way and simply telling a worker why you value their work, or expressing appreciation when they have done well can do wonders for staff morale.

  3. Make them a better person

    Much like our personal relationships, we can learn a lot from our business experiences. Giving your employees regular, honest and positive feedback about how they are doing (beware*),what skills they excel at and areas they can improve will mean a lot to employees, helping them in their personal development. Be sure to provide employees with as much knowledge as possible so that they can take it with them to further their own careers. After all, knowledge is power and your employees will enjoy their work far more if they feel that they are really learning and benefiting from the experience. (*One Click admits no liability for any maulings that may occur as a result of ‘improving’ your significant other!!).

  4. Opportunities

    Make sure that your contract staff are made aware of any opportunities that arise that may interest them. The chance for contract renewal and opportunities for career progression can act as a great motivating factor.

  5. Challenge them

    Giving your workers a challenging task will also help them to feel valued by the company. Repetitive boring tasks are just that, and will foster bad-will among those you have tasked them on. Allow your contract workers freedom to do the job they have been assigned and to have some freedom of choice when it comes to creative or executive decisions. No-one enjoys being micromanaged and this method will allow you to build a working relationship with your contract worker, and help build the foundation to work on any future projects together.

    It’s a very simple process to build loyalty with your contract staff and with these top tips you can start to nurture any relationship that comes across your path. It goes without saying that some of these tips do not translate perfectly between business and personal relationships, but we will allow you the creative or executive decision to decide which is which!


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