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5 simple ways to motivate your contract workers

Keeping employee motivation high is a difficult job in itself, but if the person in your team is on a temporary contract, raising their motivation levels can sometimes be more difficult than with a permanent member of staff. So what can employers do to improve motivation levels among their contract staff?

Here’s 5 simple ways to motivate your contract workers’ happiness levels and improve the relationships they have with their permanent colleagues.

1. Engage and include

It is very easy for temporary workers to feel excluded from the rest of the team within which they are working. But it doesn’t need to be like that. Simply involving contractors in regular team meetings, inviting them along to staff social events, including them in all-staff communications, and enabling them to have access to the same things as your permanent staff can boost engagement levels, motivation and overall productivity.

2. Recognition

Just because a contractor isn’t on the payroll doesn’t mean you can’t praise them for a job well done. Because contractors are used to being recruited to work on projects for a clearly defined period, they are able to hit the ground running and can often deliver an immediate return on your recruitment investment. So acknowledge their efforts and celebrate their successes in the same way as you would for a permanent member of staff.

3. Let them know about other opportunities

No business wants to lose good workers unnecessarily, so keep your contractors in the loop over any new opportunities to work for you on a permanent basis. Furthermore, much like you do with your permanent workers, don’t be afraid to have regular updates with your contractors to talk about how they are performing, what skills they excel at and identify those where they could do better. This lets the contractor know that you value the work they do but also that you are interested in helping them to further their own careers.

4. Ask for feedback

Feedback is critical to improving business performance, but feedback should also be sought from your contract workers as well as your permanent staff. The reason is simple. Contractors have a wealth of experience gained by working on a number of projects with a variety of different employers – this provides them with great insight into what makes a project or team a success, and what doesn’t. And because they are only hired for a defined period of time, they will remain aloof from office politics and will take a holistic view of the organisation, its operations and systems which could be invaluable.

5. Ask them back!

If you find a contractor whose work you value, keep hold of their details and go back to them when the next project comes around. Procuring the right talentis one of the biggest challenges that employers face, so let your contractors know that you appreciate their efforts and would welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the near future.



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